REAL Brokerage vs. eXp Realty: Which Revenue Share Model is Right for You?

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, aligning with a brokerage that matches your professional ethos and amplifies your earning potential through innovative revenue models is crucial. Enter the arena, two heavyweights: REAL Brokerage and eXp Realty. Both pioneers in their right, yet each offers a distinct path to prosperity. Let’s demystify their revenue share models and unearth the treasure trove each holds for ambitious agents.

eXp Realty: The OG

After pioneering the revenue share model, eXp Realty takes the concept  and turbocharges it with its Revenue Share 2.0 model. Here’s how it breaks down:

**Personal Production**: Kickstart your journey with up to 80% of your commission, cruising to a 100% split post a $16,000 cap. This cap is your ticket to maximizing earnings within your anniversary year, minus a nominal fee per transaction.

**Revenue Share 2.0 Enhancements**: Simplified tiers make navigating earnings smoother, while enhanced payouts ensure your wallet feels heavier as you climb the tiers. Designed for the long haul, this model promises consistency and growth, rewarding you for both personal triumphs and your flair for recruitment.

**Tiered System**: Dive into seven layers of revenue share potential, with the opportunity to earn from the success of up to seven tiers of agents you recruit directly or indirectly. The closer the relationship, the higher the percentage, making it a lucrative model for those with a knack for network building.

**Cumulative Earnings**: The sky’s the limit, with no cap on the number of agents you can sponsor, though there is an annual cap on earnings from each agent. For the go-getters, this model is a gold mine waiting to be explored.

REAL Brokerage: The Simplifier

On the flip side, REAL Brokerage champions simplicity and transparency in its revenue share model, offering a straightforward path to wealth accumulation.

**Personal Production** Begin with an 85% commission split and ascend to 100% upon hitting a $12,000 cap. After this milestone, a fixed transaction fee per deal is your only deduction, setting the stage for unlimited earning potential throughout your anniversary year.

**Revenue Share Tiers**: With five tiers, REAL Brokerage focuses on direct recruitment, rewarding you for the agents you onboard and their subsequent recruits, albeit with a diminishing return as you move down the tiers. It’s a streamlined approach designed for clarity and ease of understanding.

**Simplicity and Transparency**: What REAL Brokerage may lack in depth, it makes up for in its no-nonsense approach. This model appeals to those seeking a clear, uncomplicated path to revenue sharing, without the bells and whistles.

The Verdict: Depth or Simplicity?

**Depth of Tiers**: eXp Realty’s seven-tier structure offers a deep well of potential, especially for master networkers. REAL Brokerage’s five-tier system, while simpler, might appeal more to those looking for straightforward earnings without the complexity.

**Cap Amounts and Commission Splits**: REAL Brokerage’s lower cap and higher initial split offer an enticing start, but eXp’s model scales with your growth, rewarding long-term vision and team building.

**Culture and Support**: Both brokerages pride themselves on support and technology, but the choice may boil down to personal preference and alignment with company values.

Choosing between REAL Brokerage and eXp Realty is more than a financial decision; it’s about selecting a partner that resonates with your career aspirations and growth trajectory. Whether you’re drawn to the layered complexity and potential of eXp Realty or the streamlined, transparent approach of REAL Brokerage, both paths are paved with opportunity. The right choice is the one that aligns with your vision, strategy, and personal brand in the real estate galaxy.

Comparing REAL Broker and eXp Realty Revenue Share Programs

When comparing the revenue share programs of REAL Broker and eXp Realty, there are four key variables to consider: how much they pay per tier, how many tiers they offer, how easy it is to unlock those tiers, and what percentage of their monthly income they pay out in revenue share.

REAL Broker pays out a higher percentage of their monthly revenue in revenue share compared to eXp Realty. REAL Broker pays up to 60%, while eXp Realty pays up to 50%. When the amount of revenue share exceeds this monthly limit, both companies reduce everyone’s monthly revenue share check to compensate. This means that at REAL Broker, you are more likely to receive the full revenue share you are entitled to.

REAL Broker pays out the most on their first tier ($4,000) and requires 25+ agents in your Tier 1 to unlock all your benefits. eXp Realty pays out the most on their seventh tier but is the hardest company to unlock all your benefits with, requiring 30+ agents to unlock all seven tiers.

So the question really becomes which program is best for you and the kind of network you expect to grow.

If you expect that you only need to bring in 25 agents in your Tier 1 who will build out a massive network for you, then REAL Broker may be a good fit as it requires 25 in your Tier 1 to unlock all benefits, whereas at eXp Realty, 25 agents in Tier 1 would only unlock your fifth tier.

However, in my experience, this is not typically how networks grow.

At both REAL Broker and eXp Realty, only about 15% of agents receive any revenue share. The majority of those who do receive revenue share, only receive it on their Tier 1. Most agents you bring in will not bring in other agents underneath them.

With this in mind, a revenue share program that pays out the most at the top tier can be the most advantageous for the vast majority of agents. Your Tier 1 is really the only tier that you have direct control over.

When you take the exact same network size and structure and run it through both companies’ revenue share programs, the vast majority of agents will earn more revenue share at REAL Broker than they will at eXp Realty.


Choosing between REAL Broker and eXp Realty’s revenue share programs depends on your network-building strategy and goals. If you prefer a higher initial payout and simpler tier unlocking, REAL Broker might be the better choice. If you are willing to work towards unlocking higher tiers for potentially greater long-term rewards, eXp Realty could be more beneficial. Evaluate your expectations and network potential to determine which program aligns best with your real estate career aspirations.

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